Ken Goldsmith  

Studio Owner/Recording Artist

About Ken Goldsmith                                


Aside from finding much success in his drilling fluids company, Mudsmith, Ltd., Ken Goldsmith is a country recording artist and owner of Nashville on the Brazos, a Midland-based music production company. Having written and recorded many songs in his career, Goldsmith is set to release his latest studio effort. 






To learn more about Ken Goldsmith, visit: www.kengoldsmithmusic.com or www.reverbnation.com/kengoldsmith.




There's a new sound in the desert!

Ken Goldsmith and the Mud Dawgs are the regions best when it comes to country music! These musicians have come together to bring "clean country" music to West Texas, and the surrounding areas. As country artists loves working with like minded individuals, and musicians to bring country music to various venues, and events . The musicians are the best in the West Texas area. But more than musicians, they have a passion for the art of music. The session musicians are also available for different "gigs". Whether you need an extra guitar player, drummer, bass player, pianist or a brass player for your new record these session musicians are the musicians you need for your project.

Nashville on the Brazos, was conceived in 2012 by its founder, Ken Goldsmith. The record label Nashville on the Brazos was created with the intention of providing a label to artists who want to pursue their dream in a sub-genre known as "Clean Contry Music".